Thoughts at 35 weeks pregnant

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Photo by Simply Bliss Studios, Written by Emily Clements

Last Saturday, I spent the morning curled up in bed, surrendering to my body’s plea for rest and relaxation. It was a sweet time eating biscuits, cuddling with the pets, snuggling with my husband, and the baby kicking—a memory that will be cherished in my heart for many weeks to come.

The reality of baby’s upcoming debut is sinking in, which has me holding tight to moments like these. Loving my pregnancy and cherishing this space doesn’t mean I’m not eagerly waiting to scoop baby up into my arms and introduce myself as “Mama.” I am eager for the change on the horizon, when baby and I will begin our bonding outside of the womb. Life has taught me that even the most beautiful and anticipated changes can stretch us and test our souls. As the time on the old grandfather clock in our living room steadily ticks onward, my husband and I look forward to spending the next month attending standard weekly prenatal appointments, painting a mural that baby can grow to love and remember, implementing ample amounts of self-care, and readying our living space for our planned home birth. At 35 weeks pregnant, I am embracing the natural uncertainty that comes with a birth while also leaning into my faith and into my confidence that reminds me daily: I can do this!

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