Developmental Cards for You & Your Child!

Activity CardsHelp your child grow with NurtureU, a unique set of 80 activity cards focusing on newborn development. What makes NurtureU so unique is that it allows you to work on skills according to your child’s needs. Each card tackles a different skill, explaining what the child should be doing and how you can help them accomplish that. Our cards highlight a specific developmental domain and skill, including: Fine Motor Skills, Speech & Language, Cognition, General Health, and Social-Emotional.

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How NurtureU™ Cards Work

Activity Cards

When and how often should NurtureU cards be used?

Only use the cards when your baby is well-rested and in a pleasant mood. If it’s a typical happy day, do activities one to three times a day, but keep sessions approximately three minutes, depending on baby’s interest. Repetition is comforting and helps your baby learn, so complete activities multiple times. We recommend you read the entire card before performing the activity.

The NurtureU box is organized by months (0 – 12), and each month includes five to seven cards.

There are several types of cards: Author Cards (activities suggested by experienced mothers), Specialist Cards (activities created by professionals), Informational Cards, and For U Mama Cards (suggestions on how to take care of yourself).

The NurtureU cards’ suggested schedule is arranged around common developmental milestones.

Keep in mind that each baby has a unique developmental growth pattern, and not all babies will develop according to the cards’ schedule. Feel free to personalize your NurtureU cards to your needs: flip ’em, switch ’em, move ’em, hook ‘em, and box ’em.

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