Ensure your little one is on the right track with NurtureU activity cards. Our developmental tools are available for mothers nationwide. This unique set of cards helps both moms and babies grow in more than 80 ways! NurtureU empowers moms, providing them with simple and fun activities designed to help children from 0 to 12 months develop essential skills. As every child is different, you can focus on any skill you feel is important. This is not only a great way to help children learn, but also serves as a fantastic bonding experience.

Held together by a convenient plastic ring, NurtureU cards can go anywhere you go. They are well-organized and require no real setup. You and your child can practice important developmental skills at home, the park, or even waiting rooms!

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Why I Created NurtureU

NurtureU cards blossomed from a play date chat with my friend and NurtureU’s creative director, Cody Human. When her son was only a couple of months old, she expressed her desire to have a resource that gave specific and fun activities to do with her baby. She went on to tell me that, as a new mother, she found herself in unfamiliar territory and at times felt insecure about what she should be doing with her newborn. Her story resonated with me, as I had been in a similar situation just a few years earlier. I remembered feeling so sleep deprived that I could not come up with creative ideas when reference books gave vague suggestions such as, “Explore new toys with your child.” Heck, I couldn’t even remember a simple nursery rhyme, even though I had a degree in early childhood development.

After few sips of tea, we had a light bulb moment, and NurtureU was born. The cards were to be visually exciting and creative, while the content was to be informative and practical, but most importantly, the product needed to be easily accessible and manipulative so mamas could personalize it to their needs. The journey of creating these cards has been like a roller coaster ride, full of smiles and excitement as well as a few tears. The end result has been well worth the journey, as the product creates a focused time for mama and baby to bond, while promoting all of the different developmental domains, such as cognition, fine and gross motor skills, speech and language skills, social and emotional skills, as well as general health information.

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